What's Your Style?

What's up Gibson Girl! If you're returning to our blog, or if you're new here, welcome or welcome back!!! This blog is to help you determine what YOUR fashion style is! Answer the questions below, then read on to see what your trends have to say about your style.

1. If we opened your closet, what colors would we see the most of?

A. Neutrals

B. Lots of colors

C. A good mix of both


2. How do your friends describe you?

A. Modest

B. Life of the party

C. Shy at first but then a chatterbox


3. When you walk in a crowded room, what would you prefer happen?

A. You blend in

B. You stand out

C. You're noticed for a minute or two


4. What does your favorite article of clothing look like?

A. Old denim jeans that are always comfortable

B. Anything cheetah or printed

C. A worn out t-shirt that can be dressed up or down


Let's reveal your style!

If you answered all As, then you are simple and easy to please when it comes to fashion. You like to stick to your basic safe colors and styles, and would choose a night in your favorite sweats versus a night in heels!

If you answered all Bs, then you are a statement kind of gal. You like anything that calls attention to your outfit or you, whether it's sparkles, prints, or accessories! You're always spicing up your outfits and you're not afraid to start new trends.

If you answered all Cs, then you are somewhere in between simple and stand out. You like to dress up sometimes, but if you stay home in your favorite sweatshirt then you're totally fine with that too. 

If you had a mixture of answers, then you're open to trying new things when it comes to your sense of style. You may love trying out a trend, but there's nothing like your old faithful pair a sneakers and jeans!

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