Weekend Vibes!

It's Fri-YAY! Welcome back to our blog Gibson Girls! We have so many new things in stock for you to love! 

What does your weekend usually look like? Relaxing and laid back? Or are you an on-the-go kinda girl? Regardless of your weekend style or activities... we've got something that will make you look and feel fabulous! We're open until 5 on Friday evening and 10-4 on Saturdays, if you're local come see us—we'll get you geared up for whatever your weekend has in store for you!

Our weekends at the store typically consist of getting the shop back in order for the next week. Fridays can get pretty crazy around here (if you want a good laugh and an image of what we mean by that... scroll back down to some of our FIRST ever Friday live videos—they're all on Facebook) we've come a long way!!! Saturdays are a bit more chill than Fridays here at the store. We usually have a fun time with our regular Saturday customers. We love the ladies who take a whole Saturday to travel to us! We've had people from other counties come in, and even some out of state ladies! Have we ever mentioned we have the BEST customers ever? As for Sundays, we devote those to the Lord and to rest! You won't see any activity from us on our social media pages on Sundays. 

As far as our personal weekend time goes, well that all looks different depending on which one of the Gibson Girls you're talking to! Feel free to ask any of us an time where our favorite dinner restaurants are, our go-to brunch spots, or where we go to church at on Sundays! We love to connect with our customers whether y'all are right down the street from us or all the way in a different state!

Come shop with us anytime to find the perfect weekend outfit for you! Checkout downtown Jasper on a Saturday to find awesome shops, delicious brunch, and great coffee + an atmosphere that's all kinds of fun! 

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