Valentine's Day Date Ideas + Outfits!

Do you dread Valentine's Day every year because one... Where do you go for a great date? and two... (most importantly) what do you wear?! We're here to give you a three date night hints and ideas for WHERE to go and WHAT to wear! Read on girlfriend, this is some good stuff!

1. Are you the type of girl who wants a fancy night out on the town for you and your Valentine??

Perry's Steakhouse is phenomenal! Don't want to straight up tell your guy where to go?? No worries! Drop a hint that sounds something like... "I've been craving steak and I heard Perry's was one of the best places to go!" you can thank us after you eat! LOL. 

If you're feeling a nice night is ahead of you, then heels are a must! Wedges or pumps either way you can't go wrong! Pair your best pair with your favorite simple dress or with black jeans and a silky top and you'll have all eyes on you!

2. Maybe you and your Valentine are on the adventurous side...

Try out Autobahn Indoor Speedway! Let your special someone know you're down for an adventurous date night this Valentine's Day! 

A comfortable, yet cute outfit is perfect for this type of date, so pair your favorite sneakers with distressed jeans or comfortable joggers and your man will have heart eyes for you! We love pairing crop tops with joggers and oversized neutral or printed sweatshirts with jeans! We've got all this + more at Gibson Girl Boutique, so if you're in need of a new comfy look come by and see us!

3. If neither idea above sounds good to you, then you're probably a home body who loves your pjs!

There's nothing sweeter than being comfortable at home, especially if a delicious home cooked meal is being prepared! This is such a perfect date idea... cook with your significant other! So many memories and funny moments can come from the kitchen, so this is a great way to spend Valentine's Day!

This outfit is the easiest of all! Leggings and your favorite t-shirt or your most favorite set will be perfect for this type of date night. Guess what else? You don't even need shoes for a night in! Snuggle up with your favorite pair of socks and your favorite guy and you're all set for the best Valentine's Day! 


Any of these date ideas and outfits are perfect depending on what you're in the mood for! Questions about anything else, just let us know! We would love to help you look fabulous for whatever type of date night you have planned!

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