New Year, new...?

Happy New Year Gibson Girls! This is the first Monday of 2021... how have you spent yours? We are back to our normal store hours this week, so we have been working at the store in downtown Jasper since 11 this morning, we've been on Facebook and Instagram today (check out our socials), and we've been busy with some local customers this afternoon! We're glad to be back to the normal calm that comes after the holidays are over, but the New Year typically brings resolutions and changes... we've all heard the saying "new year, new me" but do you really need a whole new you? Maybe you just need a new wardrobe (we can definitely help with that)! Maybe you only need a meal prep plan. Maybe you need a self care routine specifically designed for you, but whatever it is that you need, those needs can be met in the already awesome you! We are all about loving ourselves at Gibson Girl because Jesus made us in his perfect image! So whatever your resolutions may be this year, we have made several for ourselves AND the store, just remember you are already amazing and you are already loved by the Lord; however, we do know there's always room for improvement! Join our Facebook page, Instagram, or stay tuned if you're already part of our small business pages because we are bringing about lots of changes in 2021! We're so excited for the growth we hope Gibson Girl Boutique sees this year, and we're excited for ourselves as well. Keep up with us online or in person to see the changes we've got planned unfold! We will be sharing scripture, cute outfits, funny videos, and so much more this year... you'll feel like part of the Gibson Girl family with just one click! 

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