Meet Mrs. Candy!

Welcome back to our Gibson Girl blog, girlfriend! If you don't know who the boss lady of Gibson Girl is, then it's time for us to introduce you to Mrs. Candy! Mrs. Candy is the owner (and the first Gibson Girl) of Gibson Girl Boutique, located in downtown Jasper and online. She has done retail work almost all of her life. Let's catch you up on how Gibson Girl got started....

Mrs. Candy's first retail job was in 1979! She was working at Mam'selle in Brookwood Village while she was attending college. After just two short months she was promoted as night manager, and the rest is history! Mrs. Candy says, "I have always loved this business... it has never felt like a job to me. Not only do I love fashion, but I also love people." She has worked every aspect of business: buying, selling, management, you name it. At 25 years old, she decided to open a boutique called The Purple Peacock (some of you locals may remember this???). The Purple Peacock stayed open for seven years! We hope Gibson Girl doubles this time; however, Mrs. Candy decided to close The Purple Peacock and start selling Carlyle from her home, while raising her two boys. She missed the interaction of customers in store, so she asked her husband if she could start a small online store/boutique. Gibson Girl Boutique started online in April of 2017 and it immediately took off. Mrs. Candy says she has the best girls helping her run the business and without them it would be impossible to keep it going. She says she absolutely loves the boutique business. One of her favorite things is getting calls from local ladies asking questions about clothes, how to run a business, and so much more! Mrs. Candy wants everyone to know if you have a passion for this business, and want to open a small shop... go for it! It's not easy, but if it's in your blood, then you will never be happy doing anything else. 

Come see Mrs. Candy at Gibson Girl Boutique in downtown Jasper! Or check us out online and you can see her and the rest of the girls in live videos, pictures, and more!

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