HO, HO, HO–hold up! Q&A Time!

Welcome back to our blog, friends! We've had several questions about who we are, where we are, and what we do here at Gibson Girl Boutique, so it's time for a little Q&A blogging. Read on to find out important details, interesting facts, and plain funny truths!

Q1. Where are you located?

A1. 1809 4th Avenue South Jasper Al, 35501 or we're just one click away from any smartphone, desktop, or tablet!

Q2. How long have you been open?

A2. Since April 2017! We still can't believe it's been that long!

Q3. Do you have XS or XL?

A3. Yes girl... we have just about any size for ANYONE! Sizes start at XS and go all the way to 3X, we even have some "one size fits all pieces", so I promise we have something for you too.

Q4. Do you have a favorite brand?

A4. Ooooh this is a tough one, so no we don't have a favorite, but we have a few top selling brands: Easel, Umgee, and Mono B never disappoint.

Q5. What's a funny store mishap that's happened before?

A5. One Black Friday (biggest shopping day ever) our electricity went out in store! Our entire system was down + no lights! Thankfully it came back on shortly after it went off.

Q6. Is it scary to do live Facebook or Instagram video?

A6. Live videos are a different kind of weird. No one is there except you and your small crew, yet you feel like thousands of eyes are on you. Talk about nervous chattering and sweaty palms; however, they do get easier with time, fortunately.

Q7. What's the best part of working at Gibson Girl Boutique?

A7. Well... for starters, we have awesome coworkers and bosses here, but seeing our local peeps and being able to help them find the perfect sweater, pair of jeans, or gift always puts a smile on our faces!

Q8. Are you hiring?

A8. The most asked question ever... LOL. We are always open to hiring new Gibson Girls, but we are a small shop, so it all depends on the time of year. Although, don't be afraid to stop by to see if we need a model, a cashier, or a social media helper! We take most things day-to-day here!

Q9. What's the funniest customer interaction you've ever had?

A9. A man came in to try on a pair of women shoes so he could surprise his wife with a Gibson Girl gift! We were all laughing, but he said if the shoe was just a little small for him, then it would be perfect for her, LOL. Definitely one of our favorite memories here.

Q10. Do you have any advice for other boutique owners?

A10. Expect the unexpected—especially these days! You will have great days, slow days, and everything in between, but when you have a passion for fashion you will always be happy with boutique life!

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